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Whole School Production

I've Got 99 Problems, But Running Ain't One!    

Parent Teacher Interviews - 25th June 2019

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 25th of June 2019. Student's do not attend school on this day, but are required to attend the interview time with their parents and teacher.

Find My School

The Department of Education and Training has released a new website that helps parents/guardians identify their local public school online.  

2020 Prep Enrolments

Enrolment forms will be available from the school office from Tuesday 23rd April 2019.   We invite you to come along to our 2020 Enrolment Information Evenings and School Tours.

DO YOU HAVE A HEALTH CARE CARD? Camp, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund helps ensure that no student misses out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities.