School Council

On behalf of all members of the School Council at Derrimut Primary School, I extend a warm welcome to all new families.

The School Council is an elected body of staff and parents that oversee the policy and financial decisions for the school. Elections for School Council are held in February/March and elected parents and teachers will remain on the board for a two-year period, with half the School Council being replaced each year. Members of the School Council are published in the Newsletter during Term 1. 

Meeting times are advertised in the school newsletter and are open to the whole school community and visitors, and their questions are welcome. If you would like an item placed on the agenda, please contact the Executive Officer (the Principal) or the School Council president by calling the office on 8361 1000.

We hope that families joining the school will soon feel part of our community and if you have time, you can help many ways, either through the School Council or in the classroom. If you would like to donate your time, please contact the office.

We wish you many happy and rewarding years as members of our school community.