Our LOTE program focuses on the teaching and learning of Mandarin. Students learn the Chinese language, explore the 5000 years of Chinese history and culture, and build up the connection to this old but vibrant country.

Foundation to Year 2 focus on the characteristics of Chinese language such as its tones and pictorial nature. They create artwork or games to apply thier learning of Mandarin.


Year 3 and Year 4 focus on the topic-based learning and broaden their vocabulary and expressions. This learning is applied through a range of investigations and supports students to practise and refine their skills in Mandarin. 


Year 5 and Year 6 students explore different ways of using Chinese characters in their lives such as typing Chinese characters by using Pinyin or creating stories to help them memorise the writing and shape of a certain Chinese character. 


All students are encouraged to greet each other in Chinese whenever they can to consistently develop their knowledge of the language. All learning takes place in our designated LOTE classroom, so that student work can be celebrated, and all students have the opportunity to be immersed in Chinese culture.