Physical Education

We have a range of sporting events that our students are encouraged to participate in right throughout the school year. Our Year 6 students have the opportunity to compete in both summer and winter interschool sport every Friday. Students compete in our school, and district athletics carnivals, play in a range of sporting tournaments such as AFL, soccer, basketball, and rugby and test their endurance in both the school and district cross country meets.

All students in Foundation to Year 4 are offered a chance to attend our swimming programs in Term 3 and attend school camps.


The Physical Education program aims to:

  • develop important fundamental movement patterns that students will require during their time at school and throughout their life
  • apply these skills through a range of modified games and sports
  • improve communication and teamwork skills
  • help students to understand various movement patterns in sports such as athletics, gymnastics or running
  • develop hand eye coordination skills through sports including Hot Shots Tennis, Badminton, or cricket
  • following rules and procedures safely
  • practise and participate in a range of games including development of concepts and strategies.