Visual Art

Visual Art is many things to many people. It can be something to look at, feel, a record of an idea, a moment in time or a way of expressing thoughts. Art explores the creativity that we all have inside us. Creative skills in Art can be applied in other disciplines, allowing for solutions to problems be tackled in new ways.

Visual Art is part of the AUSVELS Discipline Based Learning domain. The arts program covers the following strands; Creating and Making (P-6) and Exploring and Responding (3-6).

Visual Art crosses over into the Interdisciplinary Learning, (e.g. communication, design/technology and thinking) and Physical, Personal and Social Learning (e.g. personal learning, civics and citizenship) domains.


Some key elements:

  • Exploring materials
  • Manipulating techniques
  • Establishing links
  • Arranging art elements
  • Drafting designs
  • Developing visual awareness

Visual Art lessons focus on the ELEMENTS OF ART – line, shape, colour, tone, space,  texture, and form.

Visual Art lessons focus on ART CONCEPTS – like spatial awareness, harmony, balance, proportion, perspective, symmetry, pattern, contrast, abstraction and repetition.

Visual Art lessons focus on the ART DISCIPLINES of drawing, painting, collage, construction, textiles, sculpture and multi-media